The Chronosynclastic Soul Symposium

onRainyDawg(Seattle, WA)

Benny Blanco

Who knows what lies between the sun and the star Betelgeuse. Why, thinking this very thought our pious protagonist sets forth starward and somewhere south of the moon meets his maker, not as you'd think, but to be absorbed by the soulful forces feeling around our tiny universes. And so it was that this weary warrior was caught in this, the chronosynclastic soul symposium. Being bombarded by beats from every dimension, all ye who enter shall bear witness to this torrential downpour of soul, coming from the eternal all-place all-time. Stopping by this Earth once in a week, namely, Mondays from 7-9 PM, your interdimensional tour guide, namely, Benny Blanco, will take you on a ride that will stimulate your senses and activate your spirits, namely, the fattest beats. Expect anything and everything that is Soul music, namely, soul, funk, jazz, ambient, electronica, hip hop, world music, psychedelica, funkedelica, magiska, drone, dub, dubstep, drum n bass, trip hop, balkan beat, balearic beat, tech house, jazz house, acid jazz, AND EVERYTHING EVER. God Speed on this voyage of life.


Every Friday @ 2pm to 4pm 


 Experimental  Other


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