Tales From Serenity

onWMWM(Salem, MA)

Dan Rockwood and Chris McMullen

A frightening yet intriguing radio show dedicated to everything surrounding the sci-fi/fantasy genre. Or, as we and the writers of The Big Bang Theory like to call it, Nerdvana. This show is for every Jedi, Vulcan, Klingon, Airbender, Galactic Smuggler, Witch, Wizard, Hobbit, Mutant, Superhero, Hylian, B rowncoat, Vampire Slayer, Kokiri, Time Lord, Pokemon Trainer, Narnian, Morlock, and Aperture Science Researcher who ever felt a little out of place when the people around him or her didn’t understand their off-beat reference or perfectly timed hilarious joke. This is a place to celebrate all things nerd. If you’ve ever owned a Star Wars FX Lightsaber, dressed up for a midnight premiere, proposed with a replica of the One Ring, have a replica of the Master Sword that was forged in Spain hanging above your television, have a Flux Capacitor in your car, beaten Ocarina of Time so many times you know where every Gold Skulltula is hiding, or have dressed up as someone from the science fiction or fantasy genre every year for Halloween for as long as you can remember, this show is for you.


Every Wednesday @ 6pm to 8pm 


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