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J.J. Syrja

Putting Retroactive together every week since 1994 is a labor of love, as I try to balance exciting, modern rock'n'roll with classic roots material worth experiencing again--or for the first time. You'll hear recurring artists and themes on this show, but you'll never get outright repetition. A few years into Retroactive, I decided not to air music from the same album (or the same artist) two weeks in-a-row. Superb new releases get airplay every other week--and it's always a different track. Good radio programmers have hundreds of favorite artists, not ten. Good radio programmers love thousands of songs, not hundreds. For these reasons, and because I detest unimaginative radio, when I play a certain tune, I'm not playing it again for ten years. Crazy? Damn right. Of course, if you request the song in question, it will be aired, and every once in a great while, you may hear a live version of said song, but generally, I want to draw from other pieces of an artist's catalog, because I'm in this for the long haul. This is meant to keep the show fresh for myself--and I pass the savings on to you.


Every Saturday @ 9 AM to 12:00pm 


 Garage  Indie  Psychedelic  Rock


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