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Akaida, Regal D, Miyuki, MC Ghozt, Domination

ESTABLISHED 2003. Radiobomb is the leading proponent for all sounds unorthodox, freeform, and radical on the Los Angeles FM dial. As the carrier of drum and bass and jungle on the local radio waves and beyond, we also advocate the dynamic sounds of dubstep, glitch, experimental, underground hip-hop and all forms of bass music. Radiobomb is an FM radio platform for all local, stateside, and international artists who are involved in this worldwide movement. We are a reporter for the scene and guardian to the culture. We wish to nurture and advance the culture through any and all means available to us. We extend our respect and appreciation to all those actively involved and continuously supporting this global campaign. We consciously join you at the local and stateside level and beyond all time zones. This connection to the universal community is reflective of a sound that has no borders or boundaries. The ALLIANCE is Worldwide! 2nd & 4th Late Friday Nights/Early Saturday mornings 4-6a PST on KPFK - Los Angeles 90.7fm - LA 98.7fm - Santa Barbara 93.7fm - San Diego 99.5fm - Ridgecrest/China Lake Streaming LIVE worldwide on Residents: Miyuki, Regal D, MC Ghozt, Domination, Akaida Giveaway Central & station call-ins: (818)985-5735 Also available on audio archive @ under Aziatik Rhythmz


Every 2nd and 4th Saturday @ 4:00am to 6:00am 


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