Miles Schneiderman is the station manager of KJACK, a position for which he is not entirely qualified and at which he is only moderately skilled. He spends most of his time looking exceedingly well-groomed and important while his underlings handle the actual work. He usually takes the credit when said underlings succeed and dodges the blame when they fail. He doesn't really care about radio and sees KJACK primarily as a vehicle to further his impossibly high financial ambitions. He plans to suck every last drop of life out of KJACK before moving on to his next victim like some sort of media vampire. Despite this, he can't stand it when anybody has a higher profile than him, which his why he dominates his own station and doesn't let anyone else on the air unless he absolutely has to. His main radio show is "The Biased Liberal Media," in which he pretends to care about politics while constantly struggling to conceal his hatred of the leftist commie scum who make up his audience. He is also a co-host on KJACK's "Radio Theater Hour," "KAW Radio" and "The Late-Night Law Review," strictly to keep up appearances. His only dream is to become CEO of some morally bankrupt international corporation, use his massive power base to terrorize the common people, and wipe away his tears of joy with hundred-dollar bills. His favorite food is human flesh, a fact that is not at all connected to the recent disappearances of several KJACK staffers. Nope. Not one bit.

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