Late Nights for the Longing

onHollow Earth Radio(Seattle, WA)

Late Nights for the Longing is about that: Someone being on the other end of the radio for the periods of the night where you might not be able to sleep, your lonely, you have to study, you want to dance in your room in your underwear to Belle & Sebastian. When I was in my younger days - youth, as we call it in the biz - I had insomnia. Still have it, but it’s not as often and as bad as it was. I drew and wrote comics, so it seemed that activity was a perfect fit with my insomnia for an OCD driven 16 year old kid. Unfortunately, my parents had set a bed time to be 9:00. It was a seemingly arbitrary time with a semi-logical reason to go to bed and it didn’t make any sense to me since I always barely sleepy.


Every Monday @ 10:00pm to 1:00am 


 Ambient  Downtempo


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