I am a student member of college radio station WITR-FM 89.7 at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY. WITR is known for having the second-largest vinyl record collection in New York state, and one of the largest in the country; about 40,000 LPs and at least that many CDs. Since 2013 I've hosted a weekly classical music program there, taking advantage of the hundreds of classical LPs already at the station. Through generous donations, WITR's classical section has grown to nearly 1500 LPs and about 150 CDs in just a 3-year timespan. Besides classical, my other specialty genres are oldies & folk from the 1960s and '70s. (Beatles; Simon & Garfunkel; Peter, Paul, & Mary; Joan Baez; Pete Seeger, etc.) I'm a pianist and play cello in a number of orchestras. I'm pursuing a BS in electrical engineering and a minor in music technology, with focus area in audio engineering. I'm an audiophile and my research/projects include the High-Frequency Audibility Experiment (http://people.rit.edu/jng4080/hfae), design of an adjustable quadraphonic decoder, and NTSC monochrome video on a single-channel oscilloscope. Other interests include amateur radio, phone phreaking, green technology, bicycles/bicycling, and classic Volkswagen Beetles & Camper-vans.


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